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برنامج الشهير لتعديل واضافة المودات Frosty Tool Suite v1.0.4.2

برنامج الشهير لتعديل واضافة المودات Frosty Tool Suite v1.0.4.2

  • Fixed the modding process for Star Wars: Battlefront II after the latest patch changed the layout
  • Added taskbar progress to all tasks with a progress bar
  • Fixed issue with new projects with no modifications were being autosaved
  • Can now load other language databases via config using category Init and key Language (some examples include English,Russian,SimplifiedChinese,TraditionalChinese,etc.)
  • If language database for specified language does not exist, editor will not crash
  • Fixed issue with BC5 textures being improperly exported
  • Config selection at launch
  • SVG Preview/Import/Export
  • AtlasTexture Preview/Import/Export
  • DelayLoadBundle explorer for DAI
  • IES Preview
  • NFS Payback support
  • Dialog paths saved to INI
  • New mod export window
  • Mod settings saved to project, mod author can also be set in INI to be used as default using category ModSettings and key Author
  • Various prompts to save project if unsaved
  • Autosave with options settable in INI using category Autosave and keys MaxCount and Period
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Auto hash text entered into int/uint fields and convert from hex if starting with 0x
  • Ebx writing speed improvements per change
  • Using actual Frostbite BRDF's in mesh preview renderer
  • Some classes now have descriptions
  • Saving project will correctly update open tab headers
  • Copy/Paste for property grid for all basic object types
  • Insert and RemoveAll added to list context menu
  • daimod files can be imported and configured via Frosty Mod Manager
  • Variation database now only loads when opening a mesh for the first time (speeds up initial loading)
  • Prompt appears when opening an asset, instead of freezing UI on large assets
  • Data is accessible and editable while the game is running
  • “Find in Data Explorer” will now clear the Search Filter
  • You can now double click a class to create it in the Class Selection window
  • Filter auto focused on class selection window open
  • Improvements to texture import logic
  • Fixed texture replacement crashing in SWBF2
  • Added verification for symbolic link creation, error produced if any failed to create.
  • Added the ability to create new VisualUnlockSkin/Part assets and MeshAndVariationPair assets
  • Fixed issue with ini file getting corrupted causing a crash, now ini is recreated (user must reselect executable)
  • Added Star Wars: Battlefront 2 game profile
  • Added Wireframe render mode to mesh preview
  • Filtering in data explorer now ignores case
  • Fixed bug with Fifa18 meshes crashing on preview
  • Updated SDKs for various games
  • Set bcrypt.dll to compile without any VC dependencies (may or may not fix 
  • peoples issues)

الاداة تشمل برنامجين:
البرنامج الاول وهو Frosty mod manger
والذى عن طريقه يمكنك اضافة المودات وتفعيله دون مشاكل

اما البرنامج التانى وهو Frosty Editor 
وهذا البرنامج لتعديل يستخدم لتعديل على اللعبة 

هذا شرح لتشغيل المود عن طريق Frosty mod Manger

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