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برنامج Frosty Mod الاصدار 1.2.5 الخاص للــفيفا 19

برنامج Frosty Mod الاصدار 1.2.5 الخاص للــفيفا 19

مميزات البرنامج:

v1.0.5 Changelog:
Added a menu option to close all documents
Added a reference viewer, allowing the user to see where an asset is referenced and what it references
Added a bundle reference viewer, allowing the user to see what bundles an asset is in (was previously a right click to log option)
Added read only profile for Anthem
Added read only profile for Battlefield V
Added profile for Need for Speed Rivals
Added read only profile for Need for Speed Online
Added an experimental kit previewer for Fifa
Added the ability to bookmark legacy items
Added a few legacy asset editors/viewers (DB, DDS, BIG, AST, etc.)
Added a shader compilation system for the renderer allowing the end user to author their own shaders to use in place of the built in shader
Added experimental resource explorer, allowing the exporting and importing of raw res and chunk files
Added experimental localized string viewer with the ability to export all strings and ids to a csv file (no editing)
Added experimental ebx export to xml (found under tools)
Added discord RPC functionality
Added mod category grouping to the mod manager
Added a linear transform editor that shows the position, rotation (as Yaw/Pitch/Roll) and scale
Added a patch summary window when a game has been updated showing which files have been added/modified/removed
Added profile selection window to mod manager
Added an options window for configuring some basic Frosty options
Added the ability to view texture and variation db locations for each variation of a mesh material
Added FIFA19 full profile (editing now enabled)
Added a new skeleton picker (allows filtering and folders)
Added a branch tree view for conversations in DAI, MEA and Anthem, allowing the user to access previously inaccessible items
Exporting a composite mesh will now export any embedded composite part transforms
Improved start times of the application and apply times for most games
Moved legacy viewer for Fifa/Madden to the same location as the data explorer with a menu item to switch between the two
Revamped the property grid, allowing for increased functionality
Revamped the mesh renderer, better rendering, and more responsive
Fixed the save on close prompt, will cancel the close request if the user clicks the x instead of Yes or No
Fixed affected files listing freezing up the UI when mods have thousands of edited files
Fixed a crash when exporting uncompressed volume textures as non DDS formats
Fixed FIFA19 meshes exporting incorrectly
Updated SDKs to the latest patch version

شرح تسطيب :

1-اولا فك ضغط ثم شغل البرنامج FrostyModManager
2-عند الواجهة سوف ترى فى الاسف كلمة New ومن ثم حدد ايقونة اللعبة الرئيسية FIFA19.exe
3-ثم اضغط على select ومن ثم يطلب منك Key
ده لينك key-> http://bit.ly/2KDydpE  ثم خد كوبى وضيفه للبرنامج 

ومبروك يعمل البرنامج 

لاضافة المودات بالطريقة التقليدية مثل فيفا 17و18 

1-اضغط على import mod ثم اختار المود الذى يعمل بصيغة fbmod
ثم اضغط على مود ومن ثم Apply mod
3-وفى نهاية اضغط lunch وسوف تفتح اللعبة على الفور 

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